Our Beliefs

It’s Politics is an impartial not-for-profit organisation which has the fundamental aim of encouraging voter registration, voting and participation in politics. Unlike other organisations we don't have a select target audience - the campaign is aimed at everybody. It’s Politics will also lobby for compulsory impartial political education in schools so that the next generation of voters learn the importance of voting. Your vote and voice is more powerful than you think.

Why Vote?

You may be wondering why you should bother voting, after all you might think all politicians are the same. But your life is heavily influenced by decisions politicians make on your behalf – either in the European Parliament, devolved parliaments or the Houses of Parliament. You may think that your vote won’t make a different – but you are wrong. Your vote matters! Click on the why vote link above to find out more.

Support Us

It’s Politics is an impartial not-for-profit organisation which relies solely on donations so that we can spread our beliefs and continue this important campaign. Any donations to It’s Politics go directly to promoting the organisation and encouraging participation in the political process.