Why Vote?

You may be wondering why you should bother voting, after all you might think all politicians are the same. But your life is heavily influenced by decisions politicians make on your behalf – either in the European Parliament, devolved parliaments or the Houses of Parliament. You may think that your vote won’t make a different – but you are wrong. Your vote matters and it’s powerful!

Men over the age of 21 and women over the age of 30 have only been able to vote in UK parliamentary elections since 1918. Generations before us have made sacrifices in order to secure the vote for us and for future generations.

Even today, countries across the world prevent their citizens from voting in free and democratic elections. For the sake of democracy, we urge people to use their vote to ensure their voice is heard by all political parties. Voting is more than marking a ballot paper for a political party. It is about ensuring your voice is heard, and voting for a party which you feel can best represent you.

Education, the economy, the health service, jobs – it is all politics. In fact, our lives are dominated by decisions made by politicians. By not voting you are remaining silent and accepting the views of your peers.

Register to vote and in the election on 3 May 2018, vote for what is best for you, your family and your job. Your vote and voice are far more powerful than you think, so have your say on issues which matter to you by registering to vote and voting. Take part in the change and influence the future.

Register to vote by clicking here.